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«I do not Cure a Desease itself but the organism as a whole…»

Residents of Ukraine and other countries of the former USSR have long got used got used to long queues in a polyclinic when they decide to see their doctor. But my story is about a doctor who receives patients on the river bank or in a park, answers their questions and gives recommendation free of charge.

After I first learnt of Yuri Omelchenko from TV and radio programs, then read about him in periodicals, I made up my mind to approach him with the «bunch» of my diseases.

Walking along a path of the Kyiv Hydropark and rejoicing the sunny frosty morning I suddenly imagined a huge mob of people, standing around their idol in a tight circle and waiting for a miracle.

Reaching the bank of the ice- bound river I indeed saw multifudes of people: some were taking off their clothes to take e dip in an ice-hole, other were engaged in a colm conversation. The idol himself wasn’t seen among them.

Finally, my attention was arrested to a stately beared man, dressed in a peasant’s black fur-coat. He stood by the ice-hole, holding a spade in his hand. That was Yuri Omelchenko.

Looking at him I could hardly believe he was an invalid of the first group. While serving in the army, he got into a traffic accident. Doctors had to «assamble him by pieces» for several months before they finally passed a verdict: the patient will last maximum one year. Another in his situation would fall into dispair. But Yuri understood if the Almighty. Yog had twice granted him life, he had to live and struggle. through he already nurtured no hopes in medicine. then the rural guy began to seek salvation in Nature: he coould take cold showers and study the ancient science of herbal curing.

And he won.

For twenty odd years already he has been helping people with his knowledge and accumulated experience.

«What kind of diseases do you treat?» I asked Omelchenko.

«I don’t cure a specific malady, but the whole organism. My method is very simple and in good for anyone: bathing in cold water, fasting, herbal decoctions. extrasensorics. Cold water stimulates the entire organism, awaking protective reaction. Herbs and fasting have the same effect. Fasting lasts minimum 10 days. Some of my patients didn’t take food 120 and more days. I help patients concentrate their efforts and provoke the conceiled energy. This must be done in a complex, however.

«I don’t promice any ‘miracle of healing’ in one moment. I tell everyone: you should train your organism every day, assiduously and persistently overcoming diffidence and fear until you fully believe in your potentialities.

«I achieved good results in healing skin deseases, such as eczema, psoriasis, arthritis, asthma, impotence. My method is efficient in restoring vitality and work capacity of people who had insult and infarction. There were cases of curing cancer in the initial stage.»

Says Vira Ivanovna from Kyiv (she is past 70): «I was brought to Yuri Omelchenko supported by arm as I could hardly move my swollen legs. My weight was 100 kg, blood pressure was critical, my kidneys refused to work and I had a frightful headache. After a mounth’s course I lost 23 kg, I do not take any medicines but take cold baths every day. Thanks Yuri I’ve returned to normal life.»

Oleksiy I. suffered from asthmatic attacks. Two weeks he used herbal decoctins and regulary came from Irpin (a small town near Kyiv) to take cold baths in the Hydropark. The disease has receded, but he now never stops to take cold baths every day.

One corious thing: besides the sick people who espect nothing from the official medecine, Omelchenko has also to do with quite healthy young man and women. The attraction is his presence of mind, will-power and inborn wisdom.

«Why are we here?» — a rhetorical answer from a comely young woman.

«I’ve got limp some day, I simply couldn’t control myself. We came to Hydropark together will my husbend believing little we can plunge into cold water without any preliminary preparation. Personal conversations with Omelchenko allayed our fears. Now my husbend and I systematically take cold baths. You can imagine how happy and joyous I ful when I hurru to the subway station after water treatment.

«It is so important nowdays, especially for the young who have lost belief in temselves, to return confidence and salubrious mode of life.»

Walking along the snow-covered lanes of the Hydropark you needn’t ask passers-by how to find Omelchenko. Dozens of people leave you behind, and cheerful and smiling groups are hurrying in the opposite direction. Young and not very young, they sharply differ from those gloomy, tired and indifferent people you just met in a subway car.

It has become a tradition: on the bright Epyphany day the Church annualy blesses the water in which Omelchenko’s patients bathe.

This year, on the frosty and sunny day of Epiphany, clericals in festive garments, TV, radio and newspaper correspondents, and crowds of curious onlookers gathered on the river bank.

There, one could see people calmly approaching the ice-cold font. Standing among them was smiling Yuri Omelchenko, a bearded man in a black sheepskin coat.


P.S. I won’t expand on all the diseases that harassed me, but my lumbago vanised after a treatment course by Omelchenko method. I go on fighting my disorders.

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